“Every block has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”
(Michelangelo Buonarroti)
Art of wood carving
Val Gardena style
Art of wood carving in Val Gardena
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HAPEWoodcarving in Val Gardena: sacred art

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Our company, HAPE Sculptures, is famous for woodcarving in Val Gardena/Gröden, and our team specialises in the creation of custom wooden statues according to our customers’ requests. Our artisan woodcarvings can be sacred or secular in nature. We excel at meeting our customers’ wishes as precisely as possible, creating the woodcarvings that they always dreamt of. In our artisan workshop, we can create custom woodcarvings from 30 to 180cm, including life-sized statues.

We create stunning artisan woodcarvings of religious figures, depicting saints such as St Padre Pio, St Michael the Archangel, St Lazarus, Blessed Carlo Acutis, and St Joseph. And of course, we also carve representations of Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce, and many others.

As well as creating custom artisan woodcarvings, we can also create a limited series of your exclusive model. What makes our hand-carved wooden statues from Val Gardena/Gröden so unique are the expertise of our sculptors and their detailed studies of human anatomy. This allows us to create life-sized woodcarvings with realistic proportions.

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HAPEWooden sculptures from Val Gardena/Gröden: secular art

As well as creating sacred artisan woodcarvings in Val Gardena/Gröden, HAPE Sculptures also produces custom secular woodcarvings. We can create wooden animals, bas-reliefs carved in wood, company signs or logos, people’s faces, or carved wooden ceiling decorations. The HAPE team knows no limits. Just tell us your wishes, and we will carve them in wood for you.

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