“True art remains imperishable.”
(Ludwig van Beethoven)
Hugo Anton Perathoner
Oil painting - Brushes
Wood carving from Gardena Valley
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HAPEWood crucifix: an ancient symbol of Christianity

A symbol of hope and birth

Our wooden crucifixes from our company HAPE Sculptures, are carved entirely by hand by our master craftsman collaborator. His thirty years of experience and his full knowledge of human anatomy allows us to create any type of wooden crucifix or body of Christ.

Small or large, to be placed in a votive shrine or processional crucifix, HAPE Sculptures has the right solution: a wooden crucifix is the highest artistic craft expression. It allows the craftsman to use a variety of wood carving techniques, creating a completely personalized crucifix, respecting your needs. Together with the customer, we decide which type of wood to use for the creation of your crucifix.

Let yourself be surprised by the skill of our painters; their experience will give the final touch to your wooden crucifix. In fact, the polychromatic craftsman provides for the decoration and gilding of wooden sculptures of various sizes and materials. His skills are patience and delicacy: they handle very precious sculptures giving them the right touch of color to enrich them.

Are you looking for a baroque or modern wooden crucifix? Do you need to change the wooden crucifix of your church? Do you need a consultation to restore your Body of Christ?

Do not hesitate to contact us, fill in the non-binding form or write us an email, we will contact you as soon as possible!