“Every block has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”
(Michelangelo Buonarroti)

HAPEArtisan woodcarvings from HAPE Sculptures

Wooden artworks made in South Tyrol

The artisan woodcarvings created by our business, HAPE Sculptures, are fine examples of the ancient craftsmanship of Val Gardena/Gröden. In our workshop, our artisan wooden artworks take centre stage. We are your experts in woodcarving near St. Ulrich and have a fine eye for detail. We understand that no two pieces of wood are the same, consider its grain and colour, and also let ourselves be inspired by its fragrance. We take this natural raw material and create exquisitely intricate artwork and carved wooden statues that are rich in detail to surprise and delight our customers, whether they’re from South Tyrol or further afield.

Our artisan woodcarvings can be created according to your precise specifications. We’re always delighted by the chance to make our customers’ wishes reality and are happy to accept all kinds of projects. What sets us apart is our innate craftsmanship, boundless imagination, and loving attention to detail. All of this allows us to turn rough pieces of wood into real artworks, keeping alive the world-renowned ancient tradition of woodcarving in Val Gardena/Gröden.

HAPEArtisan woodcarvings: sacred artworks

When it comes to woodcarving, South Tyrol stands out thanks to its ancient tradition, excellence, and the quality of its artworks. One area in which we excel is the creation of sacred artisan woodcarvings. Our team lovingly creates wooden sculptures of saints such as St Padre Pio, St Michael the Archangel, St Lazarus, Blessed Carlo Acutis, and St Joseph. And of course, we also carve representations of Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Blessed Mother Teresa Fasce, and many others. Take a look at our sacred wooden artworks.

HAPEArtisan woodcarvings: secular artworks

When it comes to our custom woodcarvings, as well as artisan wooden crucifixes, you’ll also find many secular pieces. Our team will support you during every step of selecting the subject of your artisan wooden masterpiece. Take a look at our secular wooden artworks.


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