“Every block has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”
(Michelangelo Buonarroti)
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HAPEWoodcarvings in St. Ulrich: masterful wooden artworks

Where do we create our woodcarvings? Near St. Ulrich, in our renowned artisan workshop in Lajen: HAPE Sculptures. Our family business was founded 35 years ago by our father, sculptor Hugo Antonio Perathoner. Over the years, with his passion for woodcarving and dedication to his craft, he has created many sacred and secular artworks, as well as artisan woodcarvings of various sizes, from small statues to larger works. These masterworks in wood reflect the deep passion and mastery of one of our favourite sculptors: our father.

HAPESculptors near St. Ulrich: our team


Working with wood is a family passion, and it was this passion that inspired us, Hugo Antonio’s children, to join the HAPE Sculptures artisan workshop. The first to join our father in 2010 was Daniela, who brought a host of innovations to our workshop for woodcarving near St. Ulrich. She helped us create our first website, which allowed us to present our first works online and is the main showcase for our artisan woodcarvings. Daniela is responsible for packaging our wooden artworks, ensuring safe, punctual delivery all over the world.


In 2016, Daniela was joined by her brother Matteo, who assists with the operations of HAPE Sculptures, creating sacred and secular woodcarvings near St. Ulrich that are the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Matteo is especially dynamic and open to new challenges, the perfect partner for any customer wishing to create custom woodcarvings. When it comes to granting our customers’ wishes, we put our trust in our collaborators, who allow us to guarantee a high-quality, artisan masterpiece and meet all your needs.


Our talented sculptor Tobias is a real gem who has been working for HAPE Sculptures since 2007, creating every single woodcarving by hand. His skill with his chisels allows him to create true wooden artworks according to the ancient tradition of woodcarving in Val Gardena/Gröden.


In 2000, painter Alex joined our team, bringing a splash of new colour to our workshop for woodcarving near St. Ulrich. His creative flair allows us to advise customers on the perfect colour for their wooden artworks.


In 2017, HAPE Sculptures decided to invest in the future by employing Michele, a dynamic, creative mind who is an expert in preparing and modifying scanned 3D files of woodcarvings here near St. Ulrich.


In 2020, the HAPE Sculptures team was bolstered by a new talent in the sale of artisan woodcarvings, Luigi. With his many years of experience in sales, he’ll help you choose your dream wooden sculpture. A professional consultation aimed at satisfying your every need is what makes HAPE Sculptures unique.

HAPECustom woodcarvings: artworks from talented master sculptors

Are you curious to discover what we’ve created in our artisan workshop? Woodcarvings, bas-reliefs, decorated wooden ceilings: Here, you’ll find various woodcarving projects and different custom woodcarvings commissioned by our customers, all of which make us extremely proud and happy. Let yourself be inspired by our pictures or pay us a visit at our artisan workshop in Val Gardena/Gröden.

HAPEInterested in a custom woodcarving?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. All you need to do is complete our non-binding enquiry form and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.