“True art remains imperishable.”
(Ludwig van Beethoven)
Wood carving Val Gardena
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HAPETraditional Val Gardena woodcarving

HAPE Sculptures – Creative ideas & fine craftsmanship

HAPE Sculptures is a family-run concern upholding the century-old woodcarving tradition of Val Gardena/Gröden. We have been carving wood into fine artworks for over 30 years, with genuine passion and unwavering attention to details.

With its fragrance, colours and texture, wood is an endless source of inspiration for our work. Besides carving our own projects, we are also happy to give shape to your ideas and any designs of your choice. We carve or paint wooden sculpture, restore frames, embellish all sorts of wooden objects with fine and intricate designs and more.

We also work with companies using 3D technologies and combine our woodcarving projects with cutting-edge LED concepts. We hand paint and refine industrially-produced objects and sculptures according to the ancient local tradition. In order to guarantee that your get exactly the result you want, we develop our projects together with specialised partners including architects, interior designers and restorers. Our bespoke services include designer artwork, wooden crucifix, wooden flooring with artistic carvings, ornaments, fanciful picture frames, wooden sculpture and more.

Is there a project or design you would like us to develop for you? Then contact us by telephone, e-mail or using the enquiry form. If you are travelling to or based in South Tyrol, you are also welcome to visit us at our premises in Val Gardena/Gröden. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hugo Anton Perathoner &
the HAPE Sculptures Team